The bonus will be paid in the currency of your choice, selected upon registration only. Mt7stockmarket. The maximum bonus that can be awarded during any year to client is €/$ 10000000, depending on the currency of client account.  , at its sole discretion, may award additional bonus to client. Bonuses are optional and will be granted only after client’s confirmation. In case if client by mistake accepted a bonus, he must notify customer support within 3 working days, without making any trading activity and the bonus will be removed from client’s account. More information about bonuses you can find in User Agreement.
You can fund your account by credit cards (VISA/MasterCard), Bank wire transfer, Bitcoin.

The funds will be available for trading immediately, once we receive a confirmation from payment system.



For security reasons, identification of the person is required for all withdrawals, regardless of the withdrawal amount. For account without bonus: trader has to reach a 100% turnover from deposited amount, to claim for for withdrawal. For account with bonus: trader has to reach 300% turnover from deposited amount, to claim for deposited amount and profit withdrawal. More details in “User agreement”. The minimal amount allowed for withdrawal is $500
Mt7stockmarket processes all withdrawal requests within 1 hour. However verification may take longer time, if client didn’t submit all requested documents in time.


Please email at us  to request closing of your account. You will receive a confirmation when this request will be completed. HOW SECURE IS TRADING WITH Mt7stockmarket  ?

Mt7stockmarket  uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology to encrypt your transactions and keep your personal information as secure as possible. This automated technology is used by major banks and other financial companies who have information on the web. Most browsers support SSL encryption, however, if for any reason your browser is not able to support the technology, you will receive an instant notification. You can verify whether web page is SSL compliant by checking the address. It should start with “https://…” – the “s” stands for “secure”.

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